Compliance Audits Created for Tracking Progress

EZ LCMS makes it easy to stay up to code with compliance audits. Audits are a requirement of many companies to verify compliance to a set of standards. This may be ISO, OSHA or any number of others regulating an industry. They must be conducted on a regular basis and records must be presented to an industry auditor when re-certification is due.

Why is an Audit tool in a training system?

Training is an element of these standards. Our combination of both allows you to breeze through an audit requiring continuous improvement, a training program, and internal audits. EZ LCMS offers custom reports to also track your learners’ and employee’s progress.

Finally, rid yourself of the paper process and move to a more mobile and environmentally friendly process. Our LMS is the perfect partner for any quality management system (QMS).

Simplify your company’s compliance requirements by using THE EZ Learning Content Management System.

Certainly, EZ Audits and Training will get you there.

Perform Audits on a Tablet

Jesse Ruff

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