Create Reports to Track Success with EZ LCMS

To track your learners’ success, EZ LCMS lets the group Managers create custom reports, review learner’s transcripts, evaluate past performance reviews, and assignments.

Monitoring progress is essential to making sure your Learner is on track. Reporters are able to create custom reports to track specific Learners, classes and sessions. Data is saved to the cloud so you don’t have to download information every time. The data can show how long Learners spent on an assignment, completed work, unfinished work and more. Selecting Learners and classes to monitor is simple with EZ LCMS. Instructors simply have the option to create reports by selecting the Reporting role in the menu bar. EZ LCMS has made an entire role for tracking your Learners’ progress.

Reporters start by selecting the course they want to monitor. They can choose an entire group of users or specific learners and select custom criteria.

We also know how important it is to stay in touch with learners, so EZ LCMS also makes it simple to leave feedback on assignments. When an assignment has been submitted for grading, the Instructor will receive a custom email notification. Instructors receive an email notification when a user submits the assignment for grading. Instructors can grade the assignment quickly and then leave feedback for the learner all in a couple of easy steps. Emails can be sent directly to learners from within the system, because we know simple communication with your Learners is important.

Now that’s e-learning simplified.

Come Create Custom Reports and Track Your Learners’ Progress Today at!

EZ LCMS makes creating custom reports easy.

Jesse Ruff

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