Create Your Custom Calendar with EZ LCMS

EZ LCMS’ custom calendar makes it simple to create new class sessions, add resource material, grade coursework, and guide your learner with specific feedback.

Keeping your schedule organized is possible with our custom calendar.

 The class session calendar’s flexibility allows Instructors to create multiple sessions on specific days across any time-frame. Once a course is created, it will be available on the Instructor’s calendar page for learners to select. The Instructor also has the ability to grade coursework and upload recourse material right from the calendar page. This makes it easy for learners to find course documents and reference sheets, while never having to navigate too far away from the calendar page. Grading coursework linked to the calendar has made locating which assignments to grade simply by clicking on a session and viewing all submitted documents related to that course and day.

In addition to creating classes for your custom calendar, Instructors also have the ability to sell their online classes. Instructors can give out their Instructor ID to Learners and Learners can search them in EZ LCMS’ system. The Instructor ID directs the Learner right to the Instructor’s custom calendar where they can choose classes for purchase. EZ LCMS makes it easy for Instructors to link up their preferred payment method to EZ LCMS. When Learners’ pay for classes, they will be directed where the Instructor has their payment information already set up.

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Custom Calendar' interactive online custom calendar can keep your busy schecule organized. Your custom calendar is visable to your learners to select classes, too.

Jesse Ruff

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