EZ LCMS Offers Custom Reporting

Custom reporting in EZ LCMS is simple. Reporters and group Managers can create and schedule custom reports. These reports can be delivered to any email on a regular basis or generated on-the-fly.

custom reporting

What is Custom Reporting?

Custom reporting lets you apply filters to training data in order to find users that are relevant to your search. You can use custom reporting to monitor your Learners’ progress and have the reports automatically delivered to anyone. Reports include the course name, completion date, current status, score, time spent and more.

How Does Custom Reporting Work?

EZ LCMS makes it easy to create and schedule reports.

Reporters and Managers create a report by assigning filters. These filters can include course name/s, group/s of users, course completion status and enrollment or completion date ranges. The Reporter or Manager can then setup the automatic delivery of the report by choosing the file type, a name for the report and finally choose the delivery frequency. This automatic delivery function means that you can have a report waiting for you first thing in the morning without ever logging in to the system.

What Information Do Custom Reports Gather?

Reports generate based on the selected filters after that at a minimum, the report will yield the students name, course name, enrollment status, time spent and score achieved. 

Why Do I Need Reports?

How else do you know how your students are performing? For example, if you have assigned users to groups that automatically enroll users in courses they must take then you could simply have a report delivered to you for anyone that is overdue or has failed a course. When you receive the report, you can login to the LMS, run the report and send users on the report results an email directly in the LMS.

Can I Save or Share Custom Reports?

Absolutely! Use the PDF or Export to Excel option for sharing or choose to automatically email the report as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, delimited text file, or simply embedded in the email. After creating criteria for a specific report, the Reporter determines the report’s delivery frequency. The delivery can be daily, weekly, or monthly and delivered as your preferred document type.

EZ LCMS makes it very simple to create, share, save and automatically deliver reports.

Now that’s e-learning simplified.

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