Creating Your Online Training System is Easy with EZ LCMS

EZ LCMS provides an online training system easier to use than ever. Our custom training system is designed to create and upload content, organize schedules, track progress and efficiently talk to learners and grade assignments with ease.

When an instructor creates a course, they have the option to create a live class or a live session. A live session consists of live classes. The instructor will first create a live session, then followed by filling out criteria and selecting learners to be enrolled. After the live session has been made, live classes can be created where the instructor can enroll learners to specific classes. Once learners have been enrolled, an enrollment email that has been previously created will be automatically sent out. EZ LCMS makes it easy to create and maintain an online training system.

Uploading training content and creating new content in EZ LCMS simple. There is clear and concise navigation path through the system that guides instructors on how to create content. Converting content is efficient because EZ LCMS’ training system is compatible with SCORM and Tin Can.

Keeping track of calendars is hassle free because EZ LCMS automatically creates your calendar on your online training system. Just by setting the dates for the classes, EZ LCMS will generate your online calendar. Even editing classes and sessions from the calendar is possible just by clicking on the desired class. Instructors can quickly change times, add material or learners, or delete classes if needed.

Reporters are able to create custom reports to keep track of the learner’s progress. Creating custom reports is easily done because EZ LCMS offers software that lets you select which data you want to track and when. The custom reports are then automatically stored.

Now that’s e-learning simplified.

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EZ LCMS provides an easy to use online training system. EZ LCMS is efficiently designed to organize schedules, easily talk to learners and grade assignments.


Jesse Ruff

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