EZ LCMS Provides the Easiest Online Employee Training System

EZ LCMS Employee training and reporting allows you to have custom reports delivered to you automatically when you want. The reward program EZ LCMS offers for your Employees and learners is simple and efficient, too.

At EZ LCMS, we know how important it is to stay focused on your Learners’ and Employee training progress. Reporters have the ability to create custom reports. These reports can track groups of Learners, specific time frames, overall performance, grades and more.

When creating a custom report, Reporters have total control to name, group, and assign Learners or Employees to be tracked and more. There are options to see active users and inactive users, choose dates to record data and an option to save reports.

The reports make it easy to see if an Employee or Leaner is falling behind. EZ LCMS is an innovative system so it is simple to get in contact with the User and review material or answer any questions.

EZ LCMS makes it simple and efficient to make sure that all of your employees or learners are getting the most out of their training system. 

See how simple tracking employee progress can be with custom reporting by starting a Free Trial today at EZ LCMS.

EZ LCMS employee training allows you to have custom reports delivered to you automatically

Jesse Ruff

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