Import PowerPoints with Our Free PowerPoint Converter

Import PowerPoint training material to EZ LCMS with ease. Our free plugin will let the admin create and import PowerPoint training material to EZ LCMS.

Import PowerPoints directly to EZ LCMS. Our free converter will have your documents uploaded in minutes. Our online calendar system keeps your busy training schedule neat and organized.  Create your training material quickly while using a tool you are already familiar with. Our free plugin also gives you the power to add questions to your material and begin tracking your User’s progress.

Why wait? Create a Free Trial and let us know if you would like a live walk-through of the system. We can take your training material and show you exactly how to use it in our LMS. Someone showing you step-by-step how to make training easier is e-Learning simplified!

Come Try and Our Free PowerPoint Converter with a Free Trial Today at EZ!

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