Review Progress and Give Feedback On Your Learner’s Assignments with EZ LCMS

With EZ LCMS, Instructors have the ability to review progress, give instant feedback, send direct emails and easily connect with Employees and Learners.

EZ LCMS provides the best online learning system. Instructors are able to create custom assignments for their Learners or Employees. Instructors can also view submitted work, grade and give feedback on assignments. Reporters can review progress and track overall scores by creating custom reports for classes. Reviewing progress is efficient with EZ LCMS.

Our brilliant system helps Instructors and Users stay in contact. Our system offers automatic custom emails. These emails notify Users about courses they have been enrolled in, reminders about upcoming events and notifications regarding progress. Users will be notified when their assignments have been graded and are able to check their grades and feedback.

In addition to reviewing progress, Instructors have the option to set up video calls and conferences with their Learners and Employees.

Now that’s e-learning simplified.

Come learn with us at EZ LCMS. Start a 15-day free trial at

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Jesse Ruff

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