Assigning Job Role Simplifies Training Requirements

Grouping users by job role makes online training easy.

EZ LCMS offers an online training system that helps Instructors enroll Learners and Employees into specific classes.

Enroll Users in training courses simply by making them a member of a job role group. As a result, Users will also have access to appropriate optional courses determined for the job role. Managers can assign job roles to Employees easily because EZ LCMS offers the function of selecting Employees and determining their assignments.

EZ LCMS also offers a free PowerPoint converter. Managers are able to directly upload their previously created content to EZ LCMS for instant training. Your training PowerPoints are safely stored in our cloud-based system. Trainers and Users are able to access the PowerPoints and training material from computers and smartphones. EZ LCMS makes it easy to have your Learners stay connected with the right training material every time.

Have Managers prepare their users for success by allowing the LMS to automatically determine training needs by group membership. Managers simply import previously existing training material from their computer or if needed, create new training material, in the system and EZ LCMS will take care of the rest. EZ LCMS will take assign the Users accordingly.

In addition to assigning job roles, EZ LCMS also makes Instructors an online calendar. The online calendar is automatically updated when a new session has been created.

Come see how easy managing training can be by grouping your people by job role.

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 Grouping Employees by Job Role
Jesse Ruff

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