Easily Make Templates for Training Certificates with EZ LCMS

EZ LCMS’s training system keeps up with your employee certificates and recertification so you don’t have to. Simply choose a template, enter the certification criteria, select employees, a date for recertification and EZ LCMS takes care of the rest.

Managing employee certificates is efficient with EZ LCMS’ online learning platform. Managers create custom certificates layouts and specify criteria for specific occasions. Managers choose colors, themes, border system and more when creating a certificate.

Certificates used for numerous occasions make your training and certifying easier than ever. Certify your swimming Instructors and Employees with all the correct procedures, safety rules, and swimming strokes to ensure your employees’ sharp and keen skills stay up to date. EZ LCMS offers the ability to upload and create courses that you have specifically designed for your Employees and Instructors, followed by online your certifications.

Now that is e-Learning Simplified.

Try EZ LCMS, commitment-free for 15 days at ezlcms.com.

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Jesse Ruff

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