Online Tutoring | Make Learning Content and More | Easy with EZ LCMS

With EZ LCMS online tutoring is simple and efficient.

EZ LCMS makes online tutoring easy by assisting Instructors to make learning content, creating an online calendar, tracking progress and staying in contact with Learners.

Tutoring with EZ LCMS is as easy as setting up your calendar and providing your students with an access code. Learners then select the sessions that work for them from the online calendar. After registration into a session, the Learner will automatically receive an enrollment notification. The Learner will then have the opportunity to upload a document or describe their topic of concern. On the day of the session, the Learner will log in and click one button to launch the live tutoring session.

Online calendars keep Instructor’s online tutoring schedule neat and organized.

While online tutoring, staying in contact with Learners is efficient because EZ LCMS lets admin create custom email notifications and set up web conferences. The custom emails will notify a Learner when an assignment has been graded, a reminder of a video conference, or a class reminder.

EZ LCMS also makes it possible to create custom reports while online tutoring. Reporters are able to set up reports to automatically track a learner’s or a group of Learners’ progress. These reports can document overall grade, time spent, times attempted and more.

Now that’s e-Learning Simplified!

Try tutoring with EZ LCMS today!

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