Brand and White Label Your Perfect Custom LMS with EZ LCMS


EZ LCMS allows Administrators to fully customize their LMS.

Your custom LMS allows for easy white-labeling and branding.


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What are branding and white-labeling?

LMS branding is the act of creating a custom learning management system with your logo, specific colors, header images, and layout options. Branding allows you to replace our logos with your own logos and select website colors to represent your company’s color theme.

Our domain masking or, the white label function, allows you to replace with a domain of your choosing.  To white label your LMS is the process which allows you to remove references to EZ LCMS and replace it with one of your own.


Why should I brand my learning management system(LMS)?

You want your systems and messaging to be as seamless as possible. Whether you are selling courses online or running your corporate training through our custom learning management system, your website should look similar to your training system. This will give Users visual queues so they know that they are in the right place. EZ LCMS allows Administrators to brand by choosing a layout, loading images and creating custom messages in plain text or HTML. The HTML option gives the greatest flexibility to include more images or even videos.

Learn more about Branding your system by visiting our Tutorial Library.


Why is white-labeling important?

If you are selling courses or managing the learning management system for your clients you may not want Users to know where you are hosting your content. If they knew, they may decide to come to EZ LCMS directly and cut you out of the equation. Branding is one part of white-labeling that allows you to replace our logos, messages and user guides with your own. Another integral part of white-labeling is domain masking. This allows you to replace even the with your own domain. There is even an option to use your domain with a secure certificate. This is an absolute must if you are selling courses.


Why don’t other LMS providers offer white-labeling and branding?

Other companies want everyone to see their company name so that they have more opportunities to create name recognition and increase their own sales. They make it about them and not about you. EZ LCMS’s goal is helping our customers achieve their goals. We always place your needs first.


Now that’s e-learning simplified.

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