Managing and Creating a Live Class and Live Classes with Ease

EZ LCMS makes managing and creating a live class simple. Instructors are able to customize their live classes to ensure their Learners’ individual needs are met.

Our live class options include Live Classroom or Web Instructor/Tutor-led training in EZ LCMS. Our platform allows the Learner to select a convenient date from the Instructor’s calendar, inform the Instructor what they need help with and submit supporting documents. EZ LCMS makes creating and managing your live classes simple.

While creating the live class, Instructors have the option to send out a custom email notification to notify the Learner. The custom email notification lets the Learner know that their online class is coming up. The link may also contain a live session link. Once the Learner has received the email, all they have to do it click the launch link. The launch link leads right to the online session.

On the scheduled date of the session, the Learner simply clicks a button to start the session and screen sharing is initiated. Instructors can then walk Learners through lessons while answering questions along the way. Learners and Employees also have the ability to view resource material uploaded by the Instructor during the live class. EZ LCMS has made it possible to create a blended learning system that works for all different types of learning styles.

Now that’s e-learning simplified.

Try EZ LCMS to create a dynamic learning environment for your Learners today at

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