You probably already know that EZ LCMS enables you to sell courses using the catalog with built-in shopping cart. But did you know that you can also sell “group access”? By selling access to a group in EZ LCMS, you can allow a student to purchase access to a selected set of courses, along with a set of automatic enrollments. […]

When creating a group in EZ LCMS, you can easily create a “limited catalog” for the group, which means users in that group only have access to select courses. You can also assign “associations” which are courses that the user will be automatically enrolled as soon as they join the group.

When using e-commerce, you are also provided with the ability to assign a price for access to the group. Students who purchase access to this group will be able to take advantage of the “limited catalog” and the “associations” that you defined for that specific group.

Once your group is configured, you can take advantage of the “Direct purchase link” to sell the group access to your target audience. By clicking on the “dollar sign” icon next to any group, you will be given a branded “direct purchase link” that can be embedded in your own sales website, your CRM system or it can even be emailed out to potential purchasers.

Students will click your link and self-register, and can pay with credit card or PayPal. Once their payment is submitted, they are provided with instant access to your Learning Management System account, with the desired catalog and enrollments in place, as defined in the group settings. Additionally, the user is placed into the specified group for reporting purposes, allowing you to easily track purchases and course usage by group.

Selling access to groups is one of the many easy ways EZ LCMS allows you to get the right training to the right people at the right time. Give it a try for yourself, free for 15 days.


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