Make A Student Survey | Learning Survey Made Easy for Your Training Courses

Create a student survey for instant feedback on your training courses. EZ LCMS makes it simple to create and deliver your learning survey to one student or many students.

Creating various types of surveys with EZ LCMS helps improve your online training programs with instant feedback.

Our step-by-step process provides a simple method for creating a student survey. EZ LCMS gives you the flexibility to create custom surveys to collect the information you need. EZ LCMS offers all the tools required. Whether you are interested in feedback for a course, live session or information about a potential employee.

Use surveys as an element of your blended learning or as a stand-alone element. Enhance your custom creation with instruction text and images anywhere you need them. EC LCMS makes sure the Reporters have the freedom to create and design their ideal surveys for all their learning needs.

EZ LMCS offers Reporters the ability to create surveys with ease. First, the Reporter logs in and navigates to the More Reports page. There, they will find an option to select the Survey Report. Once clicking, the Reporter will be led to a new page where they have the option to view and sort all surveys.

Creating a live class in EZ LCMS is convenient as well. Our system has a simple method for creating sessions, importing your preexisting training content, converting PowerPoints and creating custom reports to monitor your Learners’ progress.

Now that’s E-Learning simplified.

Create A Student Survey Today with a Free Trial at

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