Improve Training with EZ LCMS Training Gamification Makes Your LMS Interactive and Competitive

Adding gamification training to your LMS is a fun and competitive way to keep your Learners actively participating in lessons.

Gamification training is applying game-like elements such as a point system, rewards, and competition to learning. EZ LCMS offers an intuitive learning management system to improve training for your Learner’s experience and create a fun learning environment.

Motivate your Learners to improve with gamification training by offering points, badges, and achievements. Learners compete for the top position on the Leaderboard while earning rare badges along the way.

When adding gamification features to your LMS, Administrators start by adding a level, a badge, or an achievement. From there, the reward can be earned automatically or manually awarded by the Learners Manager.

Administrators are able to create custom badges using the online badge creator. Custom badges can alternatively use an uploaded custom image. There is no limit to the number of badges created or your creativity. The Content Admin sets the point system and decides when they are earned.

EZ LCMS makes it simple to motivate and keep your Learners interested and actively participating.

Now that’s e-Learning simplified.

Motivate your Learners Today with Gamification by EZ LCMS!

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Jesse Ruff

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