Create Live Training Events

Seamlessly Blended Live Training Events

Creating and Tracking Live Training events in EZ LCMS is extremely easy and flexible.

The EZ LCMS system allows you to create anything from a single-session, stand alone classroom class, to a blended curriculum with multiple live sessions embedded with online course content, online tests and surveys.

You can assign users the “Instructor” role, and allow them to manage their own training calendar and live class events.

An Object Oriented Approach to Live Training

In EZ LCMS, a live training session is treated the same as any other learning content object. This gives you the freedom to “mix and match” live training sessions with online content, videos, quizzess, tests, surveys and more. This approach is the definition of “Blended Learning” and is included in EZ LCMS.

EZ LCMS integrates with ANY web conferencing system

EZ LCMS uses an object oriented approach to online conferencing tools, allowing you to embed links to live web conference sessions from whichever online conferencing software you choose.

Simply set up as many sessions of the class as you need, and get started teaching. There is no need to create an entirely new class each time you want to teach the same material.