• Paul Blocchi, Training Manager, Vatech America

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Signing up for an EZ LCMS account online is a low cost, low risk way to acquire a complete Learning Management System solution for your organization.

When you sign up for a hosted EZ LCMS account, you will receive:

  • The Complete EZ LCMS System.
  • Unlimited copies of the EZ LCMS PowerPoint plug-in.
  • Free Technical Support.

When signing up for EZ LCMS with a credit card, you will be creating a credit card subscription. Your credit card will be charged either annually or monthly for the selected amount based on which option you choose. When signing up for a monthly subscription, you may cancel at any time by contacting us at ezsupport@ezlcms.com. If you would like to pay for your EZ LCMS subscription by Invoice/Check, contact us at ezsupport@ezlcms.com. When paying by Invoice/Check, payments must be made quarterly or annually.

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Sign-Up FAQ

No. With EZ LCMS there is no commitment. If you chose to pay monthly for your EZ LCMS account, you can cancel at any time simply by contacting us. If you have paid for an annual account, refunds will not be provided.

Absolutely. The easiest way to set up an EZ LCMS subscription is to enter a credit card using the sign-up form. This will create an automatic subscription (either annually or monthly based on your selection), where your credit card will be automatically charged until you let us know that you wish to cancel your subscription.

Your account will never be locked. If the number of users in your account exceeds the number of users for your current subscription, your subscription will automatically be raised to the next user limit level. You will never be restricted from creating additional user accounts.

Simply contact us at ezsupport@ezlcms.com with your name and organization name, letting us know that you wish to cancel.