Third Party Development Tools

Bring Your Own Content

EZ LCMS integrates flawlessly with third part development tools like Articulate, Articulate Storyline, Quizmaker and Adobe Captivate.

EZ LCMS is AICC, SCORM, and Tin-Can (xAPI) compliant, which means that you have the freedom to use any third party course development tools that will generate AICC, SCORM or Tin-Can compliant course content, and load that content directly into EZ LCMS with the click of a button.

At EZ LCMS we love third party development tools, and work to make our Learning Management System the preferred method of delivering courses built with all of the best tools available.


EZ LCMS has hundreds of customers who use Articulate and Articulate Storyline as their preferred courseware development platform. Using the Tin Can (xAPI) or SCORM standard, you can export Articulate courses into a ZIP file that can be loaded into EZ LCMS in a few short clicks. EZ LCMS will read the course manifest and make it available as a lesson your online course. The delivery of your Articulate course will be tracked in EZ LCMS including bookmarking, completion status, score and item analysis.

If you have included quizzes or tests in your Articulate content, EZ LCMS will record the students score and also track how they answered each question within the quiz or test. This information can be used to identify trends and commonly missed questions.

Our staff has vast experiencing using Articulate and will gladly assist you in choosing the proper Articulate settings to get the most out of your online course.


We also have many users who use Adobe Captivate courses in EZ LCMS. Using Tin Can or SCORM standards, these courses load flawlessly, and can be up and running in EZ LCMS in just minutes.


Because EZ LCMS is compliant with the Tin Can (xAPI), SCORM and AICC standards, you can use any course development system that you choose, that can export to these standards. Once your course is complete, simply publish to the selected standard and upload the file into the course catalog. It really is that easy!

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